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Robin Williams Died Today

2014-08-11 20:09:44 by TheComputerHermit

Robin Williams died this morning at the age of 63.  They say it was a possible suicide.  RIP Robin Williams, you filled many peoples lives with laughter.


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2014-08-15 23:51:55

In reality, his "genie" inspired me greatly. It sucks that he had to go.

TheComputerHermit responds:



2014-11-09 08:08:57

Robin was like one of the only celebrities I actually cared about. It always seems to be the good guys or funny ones who kill themselves. Then again, a lot of us who work in comedy had shitty lives; comedy was our only coping mechanism.

I just hope this stupid ass society learns something from not only his deaths, but the 30,000+ suicides a year.

(Updated ) TheComputerHermit responds:

I definitely agree with you. Like a lot of people, I struggle heavily with depression. After a while, I found myself at my junior high wearing the mask of some crazy comedian that always did the dumb things most others wouldn't have the balls to do. I never did it for attention. I did it because I had found an artificial way of entertaining myself, and distracting myself from my own personal problems. As a result, the majority of people that I went to school with there never really saw the person I really am. They only saw the mask that was that annoying crazy kid that did dumb things and made people laugh. It's funny because although I can still act crazy depending on who I'm around, there have been people that have said that I'm kind of boring now, or ever since I came back from California and finished out the rest of my Sophomore year here. I'm currently a Junior. I didn't realize it, but I have changed a lot since junior high.

Sorry for the life story, but I tend to share experiences I've had if they are relevant to the comment.


2014-11-09 08:31:14

Don't apologize for sharing your story. You made an intelligent, detailed and powerful post; I usually don't find many of those on the net.

I was always a comedian through my early years of life, but then I moved out to the four corners of the southwest. It was a massive culture shock, as I used to live in England and coastal Florida, so it was sunny, green and full of life. The desert, wasteland, and canyons here are very depressing.

It took me until 2007 when I was fortunate enough to move into my grandparents house after they died (rest their souls) which was south of the only real city in the state. I had a fairly decent life there and had an amazing set of friends and a popular YT acc.. a lot of good memories.

Then I hit age 13 and became an idiot like a lot of kids do. To be honest, I spent most of 08~12 trolling and seeking any attention I got, as it was a lot better than nothing.. I had a shock-value sense of humour that attracted me a bit of followers, but I grew out of it and became a shut-in after I dropped out of the hellish school system here and got my GED.

I still retain many aspects of my humour that helped me survive, but I'm losing much of it, which, metaphorically is like a force-field having many holes poked in it, as the waves of depression are able to splash in and severely damage me.

The problem is, that most people have lives filled with events, privlege, joy and possibility. I never had many of these. Anyone who calls me a no-life is pretty much spot on. However, the massive depression and Isolation I dealt with gives me great insight into what it can be like.

I'm sorry you've had to experience this hellish sickness as well, but just know there are people out there who can help ease the pain. If you feel down, just PM me and I'll get back to you; I may be an anonymous stranger, but I know what it's like.

I recommend St.John's Wart extract pills. They aren't the crap like Luvox that screw your mind up. They've halved the pain for me so far, and they're relatively cheap and fully natural. I have a night schedule, but an hour of sunlight preferably from a walk, can do wonders.

Good luck with your aspirations and future. You'll probably make it much farther than most people. Don't let your enemies bring you down.

(Updated ) TheComputerHermit responds:

Thank you for the post :D. And you're not necessarily a stranger. All the regulars here on Newgrounds are all just one big super fucked up family, right? So I understand. Although I've dealt with hardships, I have also had amazing experiences with some incredible people. These people are what keeps me going when I'm having a bad day. Connections are so important to me, you know? I don't regret that I went through what I did, because I can and have used my experiences to help others that are going through what I have in the past. Life's weird like that. You can use your own experiences of suffering for very beautiful things.
Stay classy man, because you are one cool dude. Haha. :D.


2015-05-04 12:08:22


TheComputerHermit responds:

That makes total sense. Thank you for that. Really, I mean it. It means a lot. Haha. :D.